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How far can she be pushed by desperation? What will she have to face to find salvation?
Immerse yourself in a brand-new horror adventure, where the line between reality and nightmare becomes thinner and thinner. You play as Maria- a young woman who suffered the loss of her beloved and must find an exit out of a hell of her own making. Solve puzzles to complete the ‘Shrine’ and help your protagonist find the peace she so desperately seeks. 

Face fears of the past and the demons of the present in a torment experience that will haunt you.
Experience the game made from our love for classic PlayStation 2 era Survival-Horrors. The game has tank movement controls and is designed to make players think on solutions for puzzles in brief moments of respite between experiencing pure terror. 

Complete hand-crafted quests to progress the storyline and uncover the truth.
In “What happened to Charlie” your goal is not to survive, but to complete the ‘Shrine’. Find clues in your apartment that will lead you to the solution. Find missing parts to complete the ritual, but be careful: nothing is as easy as it seems…


What Happened To Charlie v2021.0521.7.zip 302 MB


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First game in the video, I did get stuck =(.

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Gotta share this playthrough of our game by @SMotherduck


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good prototype

Deleted 2 years ago

Glad you like the look of the game (:

We do have a zip download available now which fixes the graphics and some of the bugs you may have experienced (: